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Adam’s London based practice has been making great strides forward in helping individuals overcome unwanted behaviours.  So much more than hypnotherapy, Adam has honed a multitude of techniques to help people break free from negative behaviours, emotional issues, anxieties and weight loss issues by clients undertaking an extensive tailored single 4 hour treatment.


adam-image* “I used to suffer from feeling anxious around others.  I built up the courage to get in touch & took comfort in knowing that Adam had worked very closely with Paul McKenna.  I now love interacting with others and feel like I’m truly enjoying the moment” Steve Robinson 31, Hypnosis London


Through a unique combination of Neuro Linguistics to Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to Clinical Hypnotherapy carried out strictly on ‘a One on One’ basis Adam can help his clients let go of old patterns of behaviour and negative thought processes that were previously holding them back and instead help guide them for the results they want by addressing issues at the very core.

At different times in our lives we can all develop unwanted behaviours and the hardest part for most is admitting they have a problem in the first place.


No Need for Medication

These unwanted behaviours can include smoking, overeating, addictions, social anxieties, insomnia, depression, fear of flying or numerous other anxieties or weight loss related issues.  Unfortunately, most people with these unwanted behaviours rely on pills and other forms of medication for greater convenience which only treat the symptoms and not the underlying core issues. 

Adam has always taken pride in his work and now has an extensive library of video testimonials from satisfied patients who were happy to share their experiences to help you.  Take a look at Adam’s video testimonials here

Doctors and other professionals in psychiatry are well aware of Adam Cumberland’s hypnotherapy London clinic which has proved time and again to be an effective and lasting solution in treating various problems from anxieties to addictions to weight loss issues as Adam deals with the underlying emotional core issues.

Common Myths about Hypnotherapy

There are many popular myths and misconceptions about general hypnosis and we can attribute this misinformation to the circulation throughout the media containing absurd claims about hypnosis.  These pieces of misleading information are contradicted by scientific studies on the subject.

You may still be a bit sceptical about hypnotherapy, but bear in mind that the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association endorse it.  Hypnotherapy is a proven, safe and effective strategy for overcoming a number of issues.

image* “My 4 hour session with Adam helped me get past the excuses I had in the past on why I couldn’t change. I now feel I can change anything and do anything in life” Dr Campbell, Washington DC 

* NHS supports Adam’s work

Adam’s Hypnotherapy London clinic is a recognised way to treat bad habits or negative thought processes.  It has been proven safe and effective with the National Health Service (NHS) completely endorsing this approach with clients often being referred to Adam by executives at the NHS

Facts about Clinical Hypnotherapy

• Anyone can be effectively hypnotised if they want to be

• Hypnotherapy cannot be used to control people

• It is just as safe as any other form of psychological therapy

• There are more scientific studies and articles published on the subject of hypnotherapy than on any other type of psychotherapy.


*  “I was recommended Adam’s hypnosis London treatment by a friend who had a great experience. I felt Adam took the time to understand me and sympathise with my sticking points.  After the 4 hour personalised treatment, I was feeling amazing & empowered to take on the world.  I not only lost weight but I feel more control than ever” Grace Baily

Member of the GHSC

Adam is registered under the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) and a member of the GHSC (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council).  The GHSC continues to strive to ensure quality practice of hypnotherapy and inform people of the positive results achieved so far by the thousands of cases throughout the U.K. alone who used hypnotherapy as their treatment.

The GHSC represents over 1,800 licensed hypnotherapy London professionals and is committed to ensure that its members adhere only to the highest possible standards in practising hypnotherapy.

People seeking help in treating their anxieties, addictions and weight loss issues can turn to Adam Cumberland’s Hypnotherapy London Clinic for support and guidance to their solution for getting past their issues and moving forward in life.

Feel free to pick up the phone or fill out the red form to the right where our friendly staff are happy to assist and help you move forward.

Ensuring you great health

Cumberland Hypnotherapy Team


* Disclaimer - We provide testimonials to help you have an understanding of the results we achieve. Please remember that results may very from person to person. 

Weight Loss 

“I’d been overweight most of my life.  I ate when I was happy, I ate when I was sad.  Adam came highly recommended.  Adam dealt with the emotional triggers which has changed my life in so many ways.  I have lost more than 5 stone. Thank you”

- Carly from London

Owen’s weight loss journey


Social Anxiety  

“My social anxiety was taking over my life.  I researched heavily and decided to work with Adam as he had been in published articles.  Picking up the phone and calling Adam was the best decision of my life.  My ‘fear’ has changed to ‘excitement’.  I never realised it could be so easy to interact with others”

- Richard Tomlins from Herts

Hypnotic Gastric Band 

“My doctor told me I had to lose my weight due to health reason, but I was dreading the thought of going under the knife.  My friend told me about Adam’s combination of techniques for creating weight loss in a single 4 hour session.  I’m so glad I contacted you”

- Jesse Oliver from Newcastle


“I had been to counselling for over 5 years.  I heared Adam on the radio.  I plucked up the courage and made the call.  I am now off the antidepressants and feel I have control back in my life.  I’m now in the driving seat of my life and the road forward looks bright”

- James Harding – London

Stop Smoking 

”I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day.  I had just one extensive session with Adam.  I stopped immediately.  No cravings, no urges.  Just a feeling of control.  You are doing great work.  I have already recommended your services”

- Peter Matthews – UK

Fear of Public Speaking 

* ”Adam, you have a gift for helping people.  You have transformed my ability to speak on stage.  My business has taken off and gone from strength to strength thanks to you.  You are a compassionate man changing lives.

- Dr Andrew Gapling


* Disclaimer – Please note these written testimonials from former clients do not guarantee results. As with any therapy the actual results will vary from person to person.

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