5 Ways How Hypnotherapy & NLP Can Cure OCD

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)  is a behavioral problem that haunts almost everyone in varying degrees of mildness and severity. In its mildest forms, OCD hardly causes any major setbacks in a person’s life, but the more severe cases would often be so limiting and debilitating that it disrupts not only a person’s functionality, but his sense of self-worth as well.

Since OCD is a matter of repetitive actions due to persistent thought patterns, the most likely treatment for such a condition is one that works by altering these abnormal patterns in order to regain a sense of normalcy. The combination of hypnotherapy and NLP is one such method.

Here are five ways how hypnotherapy & NLP can cure OCD:

1. Fostering Awareness

If you have OCD, it is not all that hard to recognize the behavior yourself as it manifests itself clearly enough with repetitive patterns of either thoughts or actions, or both. But not many people actually understand what really happens during a bout of OCD.

What makes hypnotherapy and NLP successful in providing a sense of control to sufferers of this disorder is that it helps them recognize how the OCD works. An OCD begins as a pattern of thought, leading to feelings that develop into behaviors you feel you just have to indulge. It is an automatic, often unconscious response to what the mind considers to be a stressful situation.

OCD is another way of coping with stress, an attempt to regain a semblance of control in a situation that imposes a threat in any form. Gaining awareness of what OCD means and how it gets triggered, will give you a chance to control the behavior before it starts controlling you.

2. Controlling Imagination

This aims to help make the imagination into a ‘friend’ instead of an ‘enemy’ by guiding the way you imagine things through the reinforcement of positive over obsessive thoughts, the combination of these behavior-altering methods will keep you on a more productive cycle of daily life.

3. Relearning a Behavior

A compulsion is something that your mind has picked up and learned along the way. And everything that can be learned, can also be unlearned and then relearned with a more positive approach to a deeper level of thought and feeling.  NLP language patterns and hypnotherapy will  retrain the subconscious mind.

4. Keeping it real

These behavior-altering methods will also work in developing a pattern of thought that will help you to easily distinguish between real (“I have turned the TV off”) and imagined threats (“I haven’t turned the TV off! It might explode!”). Since you know something is real, surely the other option couldn’t possibly be real as well.

5. Building Confidence

This is the last of the five ways how hypnotherapy & NLP can cure OCD, and is aimed at giving an obsessive-compulsive person an incentive and a higher level of willingness to conquer the disorder and face the life free from compulsion that follows.

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Wishing you great mental and physical health.

Adam Cumberland MNLP TFT GHR
Master Hypnotherapist and MNLP Practitioner

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