Alex’s Funny Story – Tubs is dead.

Here at Adam’s clinic we get a lot of feedback from clients who have had hypnotherapy for weight loss. Below is Alex’s story.

I’ve always been overweight. At school I was known as ‘the Fat One’. I’m sure when someone didn’t know my name they’d instead call me Tubs. Being overweight meant I didn’t get girls and the only friends I made were the nerds and the gingers. I didn’t play sports, I didn’t go to parties and I didn’t have any fun. My confidence was rock bottom.

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When I got to my twenties I started university and gradually I made some real friends instead of imaginary ones. When it came to going away on a lads’ holidays I was very excited. Perhaps I’d meet a girl or two and finally lose my virginity. Then I looked in the mirror at myself in my swim shorts and realized I wasn’t going to get any girls looking the way I did. I could have smuggled contraband onto the plane in my rolls of fat. I ended up pulling out of the holiday, making up some excuse like I couldn’t afford it or my aunt’s dog died.

I went into a deep depression. I hated the way I looked and I hated most other things about myself. I went on a dose of anti-depressants and started to feel a bit better but the real problem – that I was a ball of lard – was still there. A friend suggested weight loss hypnosis but I thought it sounded rediculous. Someone else suggested I have a gastric band fitted but I was to much of a wuz to go under the knife. I tried to eat better but I could never afford to cook decent meals and being a twenty-something guy, I couldn’t be bothered to cook. My best dish was a ham and cheese toastie. I also hated exercise. I could barely walk up the single flight of stairs into my flat without wheezing like an asthmatic.

Eventually though, as I got older and got myself a proper office job I did start cooking more. Mainly because I actually got a girlfriend and I wanted to impress her. (It didn’t last long. I think she was only with me to get to my flatmate who looks as fit as Ryan Gosling, apparently.) When she dumped me I started comfort eating again and I ended up heavier than I was before I met her.

It was at that point something really had to change else I be miserable forever. I had hypnotherapy for weight loss and it really made me think better about food. Before, when I was miserable, I’d comfort eat, which would make me fatter, which would make me more miserable and the cycle continued. After the weight loss hypnosis, the chain broke. I stopped turning to food when I felt down and as a result I started to lose weight. The more weight I lost, the happier I became and the less food I ate. A new cycle was born.

Today I’ve lost nearly four stone and I just wish I had hypnotherapy for weight loss sooner. Perhaps I would’ve gone on more lads’ holidays and had more girlfriends. But now I’m making up for it and ‘Tubs’ is dead. People should start calling me ‘Abs’ from now on (now Im getting carried away), or maybe even my name, Alex. I’m happy just being me now. Thank you.


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