Anxieties Eliminated in Single 3 hour Session

Hypnosis is a method of  treatment aimed at inducing a relaxed state in an individual with the intention of helping them gain control over the primary issues currently cluttering their mind. Over the years, a growing number of people are turning to hypnosis to cure anxiety in a single session.

Hypnosis has proven itself as an effective treatment for a variety of anxiety-related issues such as panic attacks, stress and social phobia. There are three important states that only this method can induce in an individual and these are:

  • Relaxation

Hypnosis guides a person to a deeper sense of relaxation in order to override the ‘stress response’ causing the anxiety attack with the ‘relaxation response’ that will clear the mind and calm the body long enough to be receptive to the introduction of a more positive stimulus.

  • Suggestibility

This state follows a deep state of relaxation and will allow the therapist to suggest and provoke feelings of control and empowerment in order to overcome the imposing feelings of anxiety.

  • Positive Imagery

The altered states of relaxation and suggestibility lead to a clearer and more accessible pool of positive mental images to further enhance the feelings of calmness and control.

Anxiety disorder cures found with hypnosis can only work to one’s advantage if the individual has come to it on their own will. Hypnosis is a method that requires a person to forego a certain level of control in order to regain full control.

The hypnotherapist can only begin suggesting positive alternatives to override the negative ones inside a person’s head once he has entered a fully receptive state or trance. This can be achieved through a process known as induction until a person is calm enough to accept behaviour altering suggestions.

When in a trance, a person’s auditory, visual and kinesthetic senses are all heightened. This will then allow the hypnotherapist to suggest positive affirmations to replace the self-fulfilling prophecies that are causing the anxiety or negative feeling.

Hypnosis aims to make a person aware of the control he or she has over their life and the capacity to make every situation work to their advantage, instead of losing control.

Anxiety cure found with hypnosis also provides relief from the physical symptoms of anxiety which are triggered by an excess in the production of certain hormones during anxiety.

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