Are you ‘Ready’ to Change your Weight?

hypnotherapy for weight loss

When one thinks about weight loss, a person usually thinks of exercise regimens, diets, food supplements, and even cosmetic surgery. However, not all of these are effective. Many who try to lose weight find themselves gaining it back again.

Q. What is holding them back?

A. Their limiting beliefs on weight loss and their attitude towards food.

Usually, when people begin to feel the need to lose weight, it is only done on a logical level. They do not change their attitudes towards food, or face their fears and reasons on why they have put weight on in the past. Without changing this, they will only fall back to old patterns.

At Cumberland Hypnotherapy, Adam Cumberland offers hypnotherapy for weight loss to help his clients not just try to exercise, but so they actually want to exercise. Through his one-on-one methods that are tailor-made for each of his clients, they get to target their issues with weight loss and change their mindset. Our multiple video Testimonials show that Adam Cumberland’s clients feel more empowered and more determined to reach their goal weight.

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Most weight-loss methods out there are generic. As we all know, every person is different. People have different body types, reasons for weight gain and issues regarding weight loss. Adam Cumberland looks at each and every client’s issues and through an extensive single 4 hour hypnotherapy session, deals with these issues and sets them towards the change they want to become. The methodology, which takes techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Clinical hypnotherapy to help clients, is so effective that 82% of our practice’s clients only need the one session to reach their goals.


You will not only experience a change in your attitude towards weight loss and exercise, but you will also gain a better self-image and a better relationship with food. Gone are the days that you will crave for food, binge eat for comfort, have self-doubts, and return to your bad habits. Just one One-to-One session with Adam and you will feel change on an emotional level.

All you need to do is to make that decision yourself to want to change.Many people have their doubts on hypnotherapy as they have negative impressions on hypnosis and psychologists on stage entertaining. The U.K. has over 6000 licensed hypnotherapists, even the National Health Service approves and endorses hypnotherapy to those interested in weight loss, proof that this is an effective method. Even celebrities such as Lily Allen and Orlando Bloom owe their amazing weight loss stories to weight loss hypnotherapy.

No more excuses, no more internal conflict. The most important part is the will to want to change for yourself, since only people who want to help themselves can be helped. Once you have made the decision you are ready for change, then we are here to help you move forward.  

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