Are you Thinking Fat?


How to take back ‘control’ over your thinking to change your ‘behaviour’ to change your ‘results’:

1. What exactly is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a mind-improving technique to bring one’s mind to inner concentration and focus in order to suppress or control unhealthy habits. A hypnotherapist is a specialist who can perform the technique on a patient, or can aid the patient to perform it on their own.

2. How does it work?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss alters the thought process of a person’s brain. Hypnotherapy changes a person’s thinking patterns by tweaking the perceptions and expectations of the mind. In hypnotherapy, a weight watcher perceives eating healthy foods enjoyable and that there is nothing else that is more satisfying. While diet plans focus on substituting food for healthier alternatives, hypnotherapy disregards the substitution method that is prevalent in diets.

3. Does this mean all foods are acceptable?

Hypnotherapy is a mind-improving technique and it does not prohibit any kind of food regardless of the calorie, fat and cholesterol content.Hypnotherapy sessions are best done for individuals as some have cravings whilst others feel they simply can’t stop eating. Any one size fits all approach is destined to fail. Instead, it conditions the mind to enjoy making good decisions and continue to enjoy making them.

4. Is it effective?

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy for weight loss has become rather clear with over 6000 practitioners in the UK alone and with 10s of thousands of people happy to share of their positive experiences.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

We believe the reason why hypnotherapy has become the leading alternative to weight loss is due too its effectiveness in changing our perception towards food. When more and more people realise that hypnotherapy is not about swinging a watch in front of their eyes and instead just a healthy way of communicating with ones self then everyone would benefit.

Most people know exactly what they should be eating and how to move their body but more often than not feels like an up hill battle. People are mostly using determination and willpower to stay on a diet which is always destined to fail as determination and willpower only work for short term goals like running a marathon – but no one should be running a marathon everyday.

Change your thinking – Change your results.

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