New Year, New You?…Only You Decide


After finding the courage, I myself seeked help through Hypnotherapy. I have to say going through the single 4 hour intensive session has helped me immensely. I would even dare say it helped me enormously in other areas of my life. This is why I make it a point to help others who need help understanding what hypnotherapy is all about.

How does hypnotherapy exactly work?

Hypnotherapy is a process. This is why most hypnotherapy sessions would take several hours to complete. I also want to point out that the therapist merely serves as a guide towards your solution.

The Conscious versus the Subconscious
You probably heard about the power of the subconscious and how when utilized properly, it can bring positive changes to an individual’s life. This is what hypnotherapy specifically targets.

The conscious mind is filled with fears both real and imagined. Our conscious mind is very critical making it much more difficult for us to recognize problems and find viable solutions at this state. Unknowingly, we also influence our subconscious and often in a negative way.

In Adam’s Hypnotherapy, he puts you in a state where your subconscious becomes much more accessible. He then guides you to developing a positive thought process leading you to the outcome being aimed at. At this state, you have less resistance, you become more accepting. You are less apprehensive and more welcoming, more open to possibilities.

Free from the barriers of the critical conscious mind, you become better at recognizing solutions, and you would be able to put a stop to unwanted behaviors which is the main aim of hypnotherapy. Rather than forcing an idea or a thought process, Adam helps you see and experience it for yourself. Every step of the way, every question and every answer leads to realization so that ultimately you can achieve a positive change.

I will always continue to support your work. A very happy, slim and anxious free and incredibly grateful individual.


Wendy Furrows

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