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The Perpetual Smoker…no more

stop smoking hypnosis

With all the government health warnings against the dangers of smoking, it may be a wonder why many still cannot stop smoking. Others could be clean for months and then find themselves slipping into their old addictions again. This is because they have not demolished their beliefs about smoking and have not really developed an…

Stop ‘Trying’ just ‘Stop’ Smoking 2015

Stop smoking hypnotherapy in London

Smoking is not a mere vice; it’s a serious problem with underlying causative factors that are all the doing of the brain. The brain reacts to certain stressful situations and the reaction varies from person to person. This reaction to the trigger, the stimuli of which may manifest as crises or stress, may induce some…

What I do – How I do it

Adam Cumberland hypnotherapy Process-A trusted Resource

Adam Cumberland’s popularity stems from his extensive hypnotherapy sessions that deal with common, but persistent problems that mankind faces.  The three most popular treatments that he performs at his hypnotherapy Clinic are weight loss, anxiety, and smoking addiction.  All of these treatments and more are performed in his hypnotherapy London clinic located at 104 Harley…

Dealing with Smoking Relapse

stop smoking hypnosis London

Smoking is a habit that is connected with various diseases.  Smoking has been prevalent in society ever since people started smoking tobacco back in the 1800s.  In modern society, cigarettes have replaced tobacco as the most common smoking paraphernalia.  It is estimated that about 42.1 million people or 18.1% of adults in the United States…