Child Soldiers – Wounded souls


Older men declare war.  I hope your child doesn’t fight.  Show your support.

A child soldier is a person below the age of 18 who has been recruited or used by a state armed force or non-state armed group.

The children used in armed conflicts have a variety of roles. Both girls and boys are used. They are given roles of spies, porters, fighters, couriers, suicide bombers, human shields or told to do domestic duties such as cleaning and cooking. Even more outrageously, the boys and girls could be used for sexual purposes by armed forces or groups.

It is agreed that it’s not beneficial for their well-being and their other rights as children. The distress and violence they have seen affects their development, puts them at greater risk for feeling insecure or depressive. In adulthood it could result in failed relationships, issues at work, frequent relocation or financial setbacks. Therefore close to two thirds of states have banned under-18s from military ranks. Unfortunately, many of these children are unlawfully recruited and some of them could be under 10 years old.

Here at Cumberland Hypnotherapy, we have worked together with children to overcome their issues from anxieties to personal challenges and feel deeply sorry for the children affected by these unfortunate circumstances.

To fight this cause we need to raise awareness, promote human rights and strengthen accountability of those who unlawfully recruit children.

Peruse these two organisations for more information.



Remember, if you have a child who may need some assistance with their development or some other problem they are facing, we will always be here to help you.

The Cumberland Hypnotherapy Team

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