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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness where your mind can remain clear and focused on a single thing. The experience of hypnosis is similar to daydreaming but in a controlled environment. Hypnosis is a certified set of skills that can create rapid change in human behaviour for emotional well being.

Will I lose control?

Not at all. In fact quite the opposite. You will have more control than you have probably ever experienced.

What does your hypnotherapy feel like?

Although many people feel our hypnotherapy is a lovely state of relaxation it’s actually a heightened state of concentration where clients get to focus on one thing to the exclusion of anything else. As we deal with issues on a logical and emotional level, clients find themselves feeling incredibly empowered with genuine feelings of motivation, determination, confidence and more importantly feelings of certainly and control.

The Subconscious Explained

When we learn a habit such as driving a vehicle, it can often feel challenging at first. We are trying to change gear, balance the clutch and look in mirrors in different directions practically all at the same time. This is our conscious mind hard at work. After a short period, we no longer think how to drive the vehicle. We no longer think how to balance the clutch, we simply just do it…this is now a subconscious habit.

We have tens of thousands of these behaviours running in our minds which helps us progress through life. Imagine the confusion our lives would be if we had to relearn a habit every time we wanted to do it. We would have to relearn how to tie our laces, how to open doors, how to walk…we would simply not progress as a human race.

Why do I have to be in an 'Altered State' for hypnotherapy to work?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of altered consciousness in which the critical faculty is bypassed (mind in conscious mode) and selective thinking established. Simply meaning that the evaluating, reasoning and judging part of your mind (conscious mind) is bypassed.

Will I be asleep during the session?

You will NOT be asleep or unconscious. If asleep, you would not be able to have a dialogue with your therapist. Contrary to what you might think, during hypnotherapy you are even more in control of what is happening around you than you would normally be but now you can be selective (which you can’t during a waking state).

Is your hypnotherapy like stage hypnosis?

Not at all – Our hypnotherapy used at our practice is solution based. The client’s welfare is the sole focus of the process and the treatment is targeted towards ensuring the clients issues are addressed and resolved.

Will I remember anything after the session?

You will remember everything unless the therapist has good reason to delay the recall for the benefit of the client. This would be particularly true of realised early memories of traumas, abuse or neglect. You will remember only what you are ready to remember.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Everybody can be hypnotised provided that they want to be. Anyone who would like to hypnotised can be. Individuals with short attention can also be hypnotised but requires even closer attention to detail by the hypnotherapist.

What if I can’t go under?

A light hypnotic state of awareness is satisfactory to achieve the desired outcome for the session. All people will achieve a trance deep enough to allow the process to take place. Hypnosis is only one tool in the tool box of a great practitioner to uncover the information for the client to move forward.

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