Why does Your GP refer me patients?


Doctors excel at finding what’s missing in your immune system or if there’s something that shouldn’t be there. When it comes to your mental health GP’s can refer you to group therapy, psychotherapist or hypnotherapists.

Pills and topical creams will work wonders for your body – talking therapies, neuro linguistic programming and hypnotherapy are key ingredients for your mental stability, to either discover what’s causing you to spiral down into depression, what triggers your anxiety or why you can’t seem to stick to a diet.

Over the years I have received 100s of referrals from GP’s. Some to seek assistance from me regarding hypnotherapy for weight loss, hypnotherapy for anxiety or hypnotherapy for depression.

A client was referred to me due to a typical depression. She had battled depression for most of her her adult life. The signs of atypical depression are over-eating, sleeping too much and increased sensitivity to criticism. Her GP prescribed her isocarboxazid. The dosages were increased with no positive outcome and she was resistant to going to therapy.

Until one day she unintentionally mixed isocarboxazid with ibuprofen to fight ongoing headaches. Some may experience minor side-effects but in her unlikely case it was a more drastic reaction and she was overcome by severe dizziness.

After being hospitalised, she stabilised but now refused to take further medication. Her mind had changed and she was referred to myself. We approached her case carefully, we spoke about her past and found what triggered these episodes. Appropriate hypnotherapy methods were put to use over an extensive 4 hour single session.

She is now depression free 3 years and counting. Some episodes of sadness appear but that is just a natural part of life where she now bounces back to positive resourceful states.

Hypnotherapy has become one of the most successful treatments in the last decade with world wide coverage of it’s benefits (Wall Street Journal Article)

As mentioned above hypnotherapy is not just in case of depression – Geri Halliwell from Spice Girls and solo artist Lilly Allen both have used hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Or when Paul McKenna freed Ellen DeGeneres from her smoking addiction, she said:

You’ve helped me tremendously and probably saved my life”

 Over the last 10 years hypnotherapy has gained trust from doctors as long as it is practised by a qualified and professional therapist.

If you genuinely want to change – you can.

To your health.

Warmest regards

Adam Cumberland


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