How Hypnosis and NLP Help Weight Loss

Have you ever tried the extremes just to slim down and achieve that figure but eventually failed to do so? Have you ever driven your body to its limits just to subtract a few numbers on your weight score report? Sometimes, it takes more than the body’s drive to slim down – in addition, it takes a whole lot more to set the mind first, in order to slim down.

With some technological innovations and breakthroughs, slimming down has vastly improved its pace. However, many individuals are still far from achieving the reality of losing weight and keeping it off.  Hypnosis and NLP have come to the rescue – But how does hypnosis and NLP help weight loss?

Hypnotherapy is derived from the Greek words “hypnos”, which refers to the Greek God of sleep and “therapeia” treatment. In simplest terms, hypnotherapy is referred to as the therapy of the mind, orienting it to become evocative and receptive to instructions, in order to cure a certain habit, disorder, mentality or physical appearance.

During hypnosis, the hypnotherapist, or the person who induces hypnotism to reform a person’s mind, initially creates an environment that relaxes the patient. After this, the hypnotherapist would help the person slowly think positively by inducing positive behaviors and instructions that become a new way of thinking which drives our behaviour which creates the results.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) involves three disciplines or areas – neuro, which refers to nervous system processes; linguistics, which points out to language; and programming, which denotes patterns of behavior that are learned through experiences. It is a psychological field of science that deals with the observation and analysis of the words and phrases, as well as bodily gestures and facial expressions that one uses in order to communicate with others and more importantly ones self.

As to how hypnosis and NLP will help weight loss lies on the fact that we are resetting the mind to eliminate the negatives or the things and practices one had gotten used to, and then install positive thoughts and attitudes which in turn help the person realize that it is indeed possible to slim down, boosts confidence and makes a person aim towards a positive goal with a positive character.

Whatever means we use in order to achieve the goal to slim down, one must first set the mind. A mind that is relaxed and filled with deep subconscious positive thoughts is the basis as to how hypnosis and NLP help weight loss. A mind that is in complete control can easily set goals beyond what most would normally imagine.

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Adam Cumberland GHR MNLP

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