How Hypnosis, TFT and NLP can help you…

Through the use of hypnosis and NLP , you can virtually conquer any obstacles. Such techniques will enable you to stop any forms of vices, control weight, remove any pain in your body as well as help you in the process of healing.

Probably, the best effect for both NLP and hypnosis is to increase any person’s confidence.  Through these techniques, anyone is able to remove fears or anxieties so they can live life to its fullest.  This combination of techniques works with anyone regardless of their childhood or background.

Before tackling on how NLP and hypnosis affects the mind, we should first understand what they are.  NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is an approach applied which handles a type of interpersonal communication between two people.  Through NLP, the subconscious can be tapped upon based on neurological processes.  Such processes are actually language patterns which are organized to achieve certain behaviours.  So, if the person’s goal is to eliminate fear of public speaking then NLP & Hypnosis can be applied and solution achieved in often a single session.

Neuro-Linguistic Patterning and hypnothearpy can be used to improve one’s confidence in any area of life.  In order to improve the confidence of the person, a barrage of suggestions will be given to the individual.  Such suggestions will often be based on how a person processes certain words of communication and how they process their feelings.  For example, most people who are scared of giving a talk in the future will usually be affected in the present. They will often feel nervousness and anxiety which will in turn cause them to stumble over their words and they start to panic.

In order to remove the fear, NLP, TFT & Hypnotherapy will be applied.  Usually, the expert will apply a time regression technique or a time distortion technique.  Time regression involves going back in time, not in a physical sense but in a psychological sense.  The subject who will be experiencing this technique will go back in time and experience the desired outcome in their mind.

Time distortion also works like the regression – only the person involved can actually change or remove the past events in their mind themselves.  As they remove the past part, they will be given several suggestions.  These suggestions will either trigger the patients to remove the memory or apply a new imaginary artificial memory.  Applied with several confidence based suggestions and future pacing new scenarios patients become free from what was previously holding them back for the most part in a single 2 hour session.

I invite you to pickup the phone now to find out more information or book a free consultation with myself to discuss any aspects whatsoever.

Kindest regards.

Adam Cumberland MNLP GHR

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