A Thought for Thin for 2015

Gastric band hypnosis in London

Those who want to lose weight easily but have a hard time with exercise and diet consider surgery as the answer. This surgery is where the upper part of the stomach is tied to make the stomach space restricted. With a small stomach, the client can easily feel full even if he or she consumes a small amount of food. However, there is a long list of potential side effects and this is also major surgery under the knife, not to be taken lightly.

The person can still choose among a variety of food options, and the person must only limit the quantity of food he or she consumes. The body will adjust to the reduced food intake, and the mentality will also adjust in due time after the surgery. The hypothalamus, which is a gland in the brain, tells the body that the reduced amount of food is enough to nourish all the cells in the body. This gland is responsible for the hunger and thirst drive, and it has more functions aside from what was mentioned.

Hypnosis for gastric band is not harmful like the actual gastric band surgery. The client will be put in a hypnotic state in which he or she can explore places that the hypnotherapist describes. The client’s subconscious state of mind wanders through the hypnotherapist’s suggestions. The subconscious mind has many compartments, and the hypnotherapist must carefully choose what compartment or area in it he or she needs to explore. When the client is in the hypnotic state, the hypnotherapist can tell the client to visualize a hospital setting and the process of the operation.

One benefit of this hypnosis is that there’s no incision or wound on the client’s skin, and unlike the actual surgery in which the wound can have an infection, there’s no room for such infection-related issues in hypnosis. The action of hypnosis for gastric band is like that of the placebo agent, but hypnosis is more potent when it comes to the result that the client can get. Overall, it has a positive outcome if the client commits to the process which can be carried out in a single half day one on one session.

The suggestions act on the subconscious thoughts in which the desires, information and memories are placed. The conscious mind can forget but the subconscious cannot. The hypnotherapist has the capacity to change the mindset of the individual without being manipulative. The therapy is the choice of the individual. The hypnotherapist knows his or her own competency, but the big factor that will make the therapy run smoothly is the full compliance of the client. Get in touch to discover more information on hypnosis for gastric band and make 2015 a great year.

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