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 Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking – Imagine communicating with Confidence, Authority & Increase Personal Impact 




We help our clients overcome their fears of public speaking by focusing on their unconscious underlying issues, with the intention of removing fears and replacing with a core confidence. Following our ‘One on One’ unique 3 to 4 hour single session the majority of our clients immediately feel lighter and genuinely excited about public speaking.

* “Adam had conducted seminars with Paul McKenna and therefore I felt in safe hands. My ‘fear’ has been replaced with genuine ‘excitement”. I now enjoy public speaking” Daniel Lordan 

 A learned behaviour

A fear of public speaking is a learned behaviour and this means you were not born with it, but at some point in your life, maybe during childhood, you had an experience that made you fear it. Since then, every time you have to speak in public, you experience the same feelings of fear and stress.

Does this describe you?

A speaking phobia can cause many mental and physical problems such as sweating, stuttering, shaking and anxiety. These symptoms can sometimes start weeks in advance and can be very unpleasant to experience. They happen because your mind has developed a fight or flight response any time it starts to recognise similar signs and circumstances to that of the first time you experienced the fear of public speaking.

On the other hand, for some people, a speaking phobia can develop after years of being able to speak in public successfully without fear. This is often because you have suddenly become stressed and the anxious feelings associated with stress have peaked during a time when you had to speak in public. The mind has taken this as a warning and so from that moment onwards, any time you have to speak in public, your mind makes you fear it so that you will avoid it and therefore avoid stress.

* “Adam made me understand why I was struggling. I now genuinely jump at the chance of speaking out to others. Thank you ” Keith Thomas 

Have you made it worse?

The problem is often made worse when people try to overcome the fear themselves but this over-thinking of the situation tends to make the symptoms worse and as a result can often lead to the fear becoming amplified. This means that what was once a fear of speaking to large groups now also includes giving presentations, participating in meetings, one-on-ones or simply raising your hand to ask a question in a room with other people.

Our Process

Our public speaking hypnotherapy can help change your negative thoughts about public speaking by eliminating negative thought patterns deep in your subconscious. We use a proven tailored process to help you think more positively about speaking in public and in most cases you will leave your session looking forward to the opportunity to speak to a large audience. This is because we can help you to find the root cause of your fear and look to remove it.

We use NLP and hypnotherapy to explore your subconscious mind and find the triggers and negative thoughts that lead to the fear. We will then look to remove these, which will help you to speak in public confidently and calmly. 

Our hypnotherapy can assist in changing your limiting beliefs when engaging with others so you have a different emotional response to public speaking.  We can help you enjoy speaking with others including large groups of people without anxiety or fear.

It is more than possible to no longer experience shaking, sweating or anxiety at the thought of speaking publicly.  Instead you can experience feelings of calm, confidence, a positive outlook and genuine feeling of excitement about speaking in public.

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* Disclaimer – We provide testimonials to help you have an understanding of the results we achieve. Please remember that results may very from person to person. 

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