Shed the Christmas bulge


We all love Christmas. We can eat and drink as much as we want and don’t have to feel guilty because it’s the holidays and everyone is doing the exact same thing. It’s the one time of the year when you can indulge. Then come January, the post-Christmas, post-New year blues find their way into your life. It’s freezing outside, you’ve gained weight and feeling sluggish. Instead of the typical dieting which only ever creates a short term fix, you could try a more permanent approach with hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Did you know that hypnosis is more successful than diets. In fact, it’s the most successful form of weight loss there is. Dieting often involves depriving you of food so when you reach your goal you end up regaining it all as you go back to your normal eating habits. Diets are never a permanent solution.

If you are an emotional eater, i.e. you eat when you’re upset, stressed or even bored, or perhaps you crave certain things or find yourself repeating unwanted behaviours just like I did, then addressing your eating or drinking patterns at a subconscious level is actually the most practical approach forward.

Losing weight with hypnosis works by identifying the reasons behind your eating habits. It then works to eliminate the triggers and bad habits from the root. You can curb any emotional eating quickly without going hungry.  The reason it is so successful is because you can still eat whenever you’re hungry but you will want less and only ‘want’ (not ‘try’) to eat the right things. Even celebrities have turned to hypnotherapy for curbing chocolate cravings to having a hypnoband.

With the use of hypnotherapy you will take back control of your eating habits and develop a better relationship with food.  Binge eating will be a thing of the past and you can lose your Christmas weight quickly, easily and effectively without ever having to go hungry. Hypnosis requires no dieting and no expensive gym fees, just the desire to ‘want’ to change.

If you would like to know more information on how hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to permanently have control over your eating habits then call us today on 020 3714 7509 or book your free phone consultation with myself.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2016.

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