Hypnotherapy & NLP for Sports Performance

Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance with Advanced NLP – Intensive 3 to 4 Hour Single Session – Enjoy the ‘extra edge’




We can help people go that extra mile within themselves for the moments they need it most. Having worked with three Olympic athletes in 2012 we understand the needs of having to deliver for a particular event.

Through an intensive tailored ‘One on One’ treatment we can help our clients break free from negative thought processes that can sabotage their ability and instead look to instil a rock solid belief.  We then look to guide our clients so they not only think they can achieve but they can feel it on an emotional level.

Is this you?

• Doubting thoughts at the wrong time
• Fear of failure
• Sinking feeling in stomach before event
• Giving in too early
• Mixed messages of thought
• Feeling frustrations
• Doubting your ability
• Experiencing conflicting emotions

‘In the zone’ state on demand

For over 12 years now Adam has been working with people in sport at the top of their game to have that extra edge that  can put them in the zone on demand. Our clients can walk away from our intensive hypnotherapy sports performance treatment feeling energised, confident and ready to take on the challenge.

What is our hypnotherapy sports performance?

People often believe they can only run so far or can only lift so much weight, which means once they reach this target during their workout, they stop. In order for you to really achieve and progress your results, you need to let go of these limitations. Unfortunately for most people, this is impossible to do since these limitations manifest in our subconscious.

Sports performance anxiety is quite real. It’s often called ‘choking’ and refers to a decrease in athletic performance due to stress. This stress can come from many factors and could simply be that an audience is watching or it could be much deeper than that. Feelings of self-doubt could come into play or feeling immense pressure to achieve or worries about failing not only yourself but also everyone who has supported you.

On the other hand, some sportsmen and sportswomen might be highly confident in their ability to perform and don’t mind additional pressures or factors such as an audience. Nevertheless there is something still missing, which is that winning edge of being highly focused and driven in that all important moment, that little extra something that sets them apart from the rest.

Celebrity sportsmen having hypnotherapy

For years now, athletes like Tiger Woods have used sports hypnotherapy training to give them the mental strength to perform their very best and win. When a sprinter breaks their personal best, it’s not necessarily because they are fitter and stronger than when they set the previous record, but it’s because they believe they can better it.

Olympic athletes break world records all the time and it’s because they have the winning mentality that enables them to make it happen. Even tennis star Jimmy Connors back in the 1980s admitted having hypnotherapy before winning the US Open Championships.

Ensuring the right mind set

Our tailored hypnotherapy treatment can help free you of your limitations, fears and negative thoughts that prevent you from achieving your goal.  We aim to instil a thought process whereby our clients can believe they can go beyond what they previously thought possible. 

We help to remove pre-competition fears, self-doubt or hesitations and instead look to embed clarity, focus and motivation. You can increase your belief in yourself and your abilities on a logical and emotional level, whereby you can actually feel it.

If you want to have that extra winning edge and that ability to succeed and achieve in the sports and fitness world then contact us today for a free phone consultation to find out if you qualify for this treatment.

Don’t settle for 2nd best.

* Disclaimer – We provide testimonials to help you have an understanding of the results we achieve. Please remember that results may very from person to person. 

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