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Hypnotherapy for weight loss. Imagine never consciously dieting ever again 




Our office now re-open. The Coronaviris and Covid-19 has made us realise how precious our time and health really is. So many of us staying at home making bad choices and realising now is the time to make some changes. We are here to help.


Adam uses a unique combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy carried out purely on a ‘One on One’ basis through an extensive 3 to 4 hour single session tailored treatment online or face to face at 104 Harley Street.





“Adam Cumberland use to run weight loss seminars with Paul Mckenna so I felt in safe hands. I have lost 4 stone in the last 11 months and never felt better. I have a bounce in my step, thank you”  Fiona Hatchworth



Subject to an initial free 15 minute phone consultation you could break free from any of the following in a single extensive session.


Do you ever…?


• Lose weight to have it come back faster
• Binge eat
• Feel you lack willpower
• Unable to control portion size
• Overeating, and after wonder why 
• Negative self talk
• Experience cravings
• Repeating the same negative patterns 
• Self-sabotage
• Obsess about certain foods or drinks
• Fear of putting weight on after losing it
• Comfort eating
• Lack motivation to exercise
• Lack self-esteem
• Are you an emotional eater?


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* Disclaimer – We provide testimonials to help you have an understanding of the results we achieve. Please remember that results may very from person to person. 


This is not about will power, fad diets or taking pills. Most people are aware these do not work for the long term. I challenge you for the next 3 minutes to read every word below to discover how we can help you lose weight and keep the weight off for good.


 “After finding the courage and admitting to myself I needed help I decided to book an initial call with Adam. After my extensive session I felt a genuine feeling of empowerment. The benefits was so much more than weight loss” Samantha Thompson, age 29 from Essex 


Adam’s unique combination of techniques give you back control over food.  This is achieved by changing limiting beliefs so you have a different emotional response to the foods you currently consume. 


Doctor’s Recommendation “Adam’s Weight loss hypnotherapy treatment is revolutionary.  Knowing that Adam struggled with his weight in the past I feel is partly the reason why he is leading the way in this field” Dr Jacoby


This ‘One on One’ tailored process will have you feeling mentally in control and altogether more relaxed around food.  This treatment can also ignite a desire in you to want to exercise. ‘Trying’ to exercise will become a ‘Want’ to exercise. 


Celebrities like Lily Allen stated  “After hypnosis for weight loss, I genuinely wanted to attend the gym. I now eat properly and enjoy all sorts of foods. I’m feeling better than ever”


Orlando Bloom  “I was hooked on chocolate as a teenager and was very overweight. My mother arranged a hypnosis for weight loss session to get me back into shape fast and it worked”



Geri Halliwell, Courtney Love and The Duchess of York – Sarah Ferguson have all used hypnotherapy for weight loss.  It’s essential to realise that the help is out there and anyone can achieve the results as long as they personally want to change. That’s the key. The biggest step is admitting that you actually need help.  The solution is available.  It takes a decision to change and only you decide.


Hypnotherapy for weight loss has proved to be the most successful aid in combating weight loss as it treats your unconscious beliefs about exercise and food.  Your beliefs trigger all sorts of emotions at any time of the day.  We all to often eat due to being lonely, miserable, boredom and so many other emotions and not just negative emotions.  None of these emotional triggers has anything to do with hunger.


Change Internal Conflict to Change External body


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Your 4 hour treatment tailored specifically for you


The half day weight loss hypnotherapy treatment will be tailored to you and you alone.  Any other weight loss hypnotherapy treatment that offer a more one size fits all approach is likely to fail.  With over 14 years experience, I consider many types of treatment and combinations of treatments to ensure my clients achieve lasting results.


To name a few…

  • Controlling portion size
  • Motivation to ‘want’ to exercise
  • Eating slower
  • Self belief
  • Removing internal conflict
  • Turning cravings into repulsions
  • Self image/self perception

NHS & Associations support our work


Adam’s hypnotherapy for losing weight is so widely accepted now as a lasting cure that executives at the National Health Service (NHS) refer us clients and endorse our hypnotherapy.  You may still be a bit sceptical about weight loss hypnotherapy, but remember that the American Medical Association www.ama-assn.org and the British Medical Association www.bma.org.uk endorse it.  Hypnotherapy is a proven effective strategy and completely safe.



* Disclaimer – We provide testimonials to help you have an understanding of the results we achieve. Please remember that results may very from person to person. 

Our Harley Street Clinic Guarantee


We offer a free support structure after our treatments even though 92% of our clients only require the single session.  Imagine being another 10 years in the same position?  How would you feel?  If you did not change and you looked in the mirror 10 years from now, what would have hurt you the most?  What did you miss out on?  There is absolutely no need to be struggling like this.  You have a choice and only you decide.


  “A friend at work had a great experience with Adam Cumberland. I decided to not waste a second more and have a free phone consultation to see if he could help me. Adam’s method has not only changed my relationship with food but also transformed my self-image” Gary Hopkins – Hertfordshire 


  “Hypnosis for weight loss sounded odd at first, I then realised that the NHS endorsed it so I decided to give it a go. After the 4 hour single session with Adam, I have never looked back. Thank you so much” Jimmy White MBE Snooker sensation 


Cumberland Hypnotherapy has created a process that we tailor to each individual, with a view to our clients no longer TRYING to do the right thing, instead they just DO the right thing. The amazing thing is, our clients not only think they have changed but they can actually feel it on an emotional level. Like a weight has been lifted. 


I know you are reading this page because you are looking for something different, something that works for the long term.  You want exceptional results like my other clients that took that all important first step by getting in touch.

No more excuses


First and foremost for any individual to change they must WANT to change for themselves.  As mentioned, that is the key.  The solution is available.  Hypnotherapy for weight loss helps people get past the excuses they had in the past as to why they can not lose weight.  Too many good people worry about past experiences or concern themselves with the future with “What ifs…” but the truth is we only have the present, the now to make a change.


We can all make excuses in the moment to not take action for the things that we really want.  ‘I will tomorrow’ but tomorrow never comes.  ‘I will later’ but later never gets here.  No need to keep dreaming of what you want, make it your reality. I have personally helped thousands of people get back into shape on my ‘One to One’ extensive sessions and now I want to help you.


* Disclaimer – We provide testimonials to help you have an understanding of the results we achieve. Please remember that results may very from person to person. 

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* Video Testimonials


3 years after session 
“Thank you Adam for your attention to detail and support. I have lost the 6 stone but more importantly I feel that Im truly living. I feel I now understand my own brain and have learnt some great skills that I have applied to other areas of my life, thank you”
— Victoria Hansen

Yo Yo dieting no more 
“I heard Adam on LBC Radio and felt he could relate to my issues as he too had a weight problem. After an initial chat with Adam I felt even more confident he could help me. The best decision I ever made. I feel so motivated and empowered”
— Karen Raleigh

Cravings into repulsions 
“Do you binge all the time? Do you find yourself overeating? That was me. Adam’s techniques made me process food differently in my mind. My relationship with food has done a 180 degree turn. The effort of trying so hard has been replaced with a feeling of calm and control”
— Julia Jennings


Negative self talk/Self sabotage 
“I got to the point where I was so fedup of feeling so c**p all the time. I was giving myself a hard time. Adam gave me back the control I was craving and now I feel a much better person in myself. This is so much more than just weight loss. Brilliant”
— Gary Hankon

Unconscious conflict resolved 
“My GP recommended Cumberland Hypnotherapy. I had a relaxed conversation with Adam on the phone. The treatment was quite an experience and I went through a number of emotions. My emotional eating has simply stopped. I feel lighter in more ways than one. Genius”
— Mary Matthews

The body I always wanted 
“I always felt I had to struggle more than most to maintain an OK shape. I was recommended Adam and decided to see if he could help. My 4 hour treatment flew by. I opened my eyes and it felt like a weight had been lifted mentally. It now feels effortless to do the right thing. Thank you Adam” 
— Beth Dunlow


* Disclaimer – Please note these written testimonials from former clients do not guarantee results. As with any therapy the actual results will vary from person to person.


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